1We are a husband and wife team, with two young kids and we all work together to make sure that our sheep are happy, healthy, and prospering. 


Dan grew up on a 60 head dairy farm in Taneytown, MD with his parents and three siblings.  He got his degree in Agriculture Economics from UMD and now works for the UDSA's Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory and does geeky computer programming during his weekdays.  When he's not punching the clock for Uncle Sam, he is taking care of the feeding and nutrition, pasture management, hay production (aka fun with tractors), as well as some of the fiber preparation duties. 


Meredith grew up in Olney, MD and participated in sheep projects in her local 4-H club throughout her youth. She got her first degree in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut and her second degree is in Nursing.  She works off farm part-time as an RN in a busy Labor and Delivery unit.  At home, she is chief cook and bottle washer, zookeeper to two very energetic boys, she is responsible for making sure the lambs and adults stay healthy and happy, and most of the fiber preparation.  Meredith is also an accomplished spinner and knitter.



May:   MD S&WF

August:   Montgomery County Agricultural Fair  

October:  NY S&W Festival


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