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We are accepting reservations for LAMB to be butchered in MARCH and BEEF to be butchered in MAY. Ready to reserve? Contact us to get on our list.

Current Prices

Price / lb*Butcher FeeUsual Weight Range*
Whole Beef$3.50$75.00400 – 600
Half Beef$3.50$37.50200 – 300
Quarter Beef$3.50$18.75100 – 150
Whole Lamb$6.00$55.0050 – 80
Half Lamb$6.00$27.5025 – 40
* The weight is based on hang weight. See FAQ

For example if you were buying a whole steer that had a hang weight of 500 lbs then your cost would be $3.50 x 500 + $75.00 = $1,825.00. If you were buying a whole lamb that had a hang weight of 60 lbs then your cost would be $6.00 x 60 + $55.00 = $415.00.

Read following FAQ to understand more about how buying wholesale works.

What is hang weight?

Hang weight is the weight of the animal after it’s been butchered and hung up to age, but before it’s been processed into cuts you would recognize from the grocery store. Each animal will loose more weight depending on how it is cut up. The weights of the prepared cuts that you are familiar with can vary widely base on how you choose to have it prepared.

Why do you charge by hang weight?

When you buy wholesale, you are buying a portion of the animal and it is fully customizable. Charging by hang weight allows us to keep a consistent price for our customers. Hang weight is a standard measurement that is used across the industry to determine the cost of wholesale meat.

Are there any other costs?

Our price includes butchering costs. We pay the butcher so there are no hidden fees for our customers. We collect a deposit when you reserve your animal, which is applied to the final purchase price when your animal goes to market. If you do not have a large freezer, you may want to look into investing in one so you have the space and flexibility to buy wholesale meat when you need it.

How much should I buy?

You may purchase beef as a whole, half, or quarter. Lamb is only sold as whole or half.

How much you should buy depends both on how large your family is and how much meat you eat! On average, a half steer and whole lamb will feed a family of four for a whole year. Adjust up or down based on your family’s specific needs.

Still confused? Ready to reserve? Contact us with any question or to get on our list.

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