Meet Us

We are a young family all working together to make sure that our farm is running smoothly and all our animals are happy, healthy, and prospering.

Dan grew up on a 60 head dairy farm in Taneytown, MD with his parents and three siblings.  He got his degree in Agriculture Economics from UMD and now works for the government doing geeky computer programming during his weekdays.  When he’s not punching the clock for Uncle Sam, he is taking care of the feeding, nutrition, pasture management, hay production (aka fun with tractors), and flock health management.

Meredith grew up in Olney, MD and had sheep 4-H projects in her backyard. She has a BS in Animal Science and a BSN in Nursing.  She works off-farm as an RN on the weekends.  During the week, at the farm, she is chief cook & bottle washer and mom and zookeeper for three very energetic boys. She is responsible for young stock, fiber preparation, goat milking, calf raising, and chicken wrangling.  Meredith manages the vegetable and fruit garden and is also an accomplished spinner and knitter.



We have lots of different creatures that live here! We have very cute and friendly baby jersey calves. They drink goat’s milk supplied by our lovely goat mamas.





The dairy goats are very sweet and curious.  Our dairy does that live here supply all our milk and feed our calves!





Our faithful and diligent guinea hens keep us safe from our most dreaded enemy, bugs!!  Their favorite are ticks.  Forget roosters, these guys are our alarm clocks!





Our beef steers get to romp and play in the grass and eat til their hearts content.


And of course, the sheep are the heart and soul of our operation.  They are what got us rolling, and our main focus.  we chose Bluefaced Leicester sheep for many reasons.  They are terrific mothers, lambs are hearty, they do well on pasture, and in our Maryland climate, they make fleeces that hand-spinners and crafters love, and they grow quickly and dress out nicely.



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