Well, We bought an RV!

Well friends, we bought an RV.


Hubster, the boys, and I had been living with my parents after we sold our condo and before we could build our new house. We are finally ready to start building now and we need a place to live that is closer to the build site.  Staying in a hotel or rental was going to be WAY out of our budget. So….the plan is to buy an RV, live in that ON our property. Then afterwards, we can either keep it for vacations (HA! Yea right!) or sell it and make some of that money back.  I had a few qualifications when we went looking, I didn’t want to have to make and unmake a bed every morning and evening, and I wanted an actual door that separated mine and Hubster’s bed from the boys beds. Once we found the perfect one, we still had to make a few modifications to accommodate our family’s needs. We took out the bottom bunk to make room for the pack and play. It fit perfectly in that spot! I also sewed covers for all the furniture, we have toddlers and we need this thing to stay in good shape if we are going to resell it. I also took down those terrible window shades.  Not my taste. If i have to live in 127 sq. ft. with three other dudes, I want it to look a little nice. Here’s some before and after pics of the inside.



Hubster had some gravel delivered to make a pad, we mowed a little “yard”.

We also had power hookups added and got some internet too!!

We are still getting everything all set up and moved in, so there will be more updates and pictures soon. I am excited and nervous for what the future holds.

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