Things are Happening

Lots of things have been happening with the house site, they came out to set the concrete molds, poured the concrete, and now the molds are off and the foundation looks great!!

We are building a modular home, which maybe I haven’t mentioned before. So at the same time that our foundation has been coming together, the house is on the production line at the factory.  We requested a tour while our house was in the process of being constructed, so we got to go do that today!!!  Our house will be delivered in four pieces and each of our pieces was at a different stage of the process when we toured.  They build the house pieces on the trailer platform that they will be delivered on. Each one is squared up perfectly so that everything in the house is perfect and square (oh, my little obsessive heart be still!) Piece D is just a floor.


Then they add the inside walls and drill and run all the plumbing and electric. This is Piece C.


Piece B had most of its walls and they were starting to finish off the inside. Some of the kitchen cabinets were hung up! They add the drywall on the inside before the outside plywood and run everything from the outside!  Interesting!!


Piece A was almost finished and ready to roll out of the factory! They had finished off the outside, windows were in, and paint and molding were going up on the inside.


The tour was so cool, and I am really glad we made the drive up for it.  We got to see our house at all stages in development. And now I am really pumped and anxious for our “set date”, when all the pieces are delivered and “set” on the foundation.

Anyone else out there building or thinking about building a modular home? Comment below!!

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