I’m Still on the Fence About this Post

I have to say, I am honestly still on the fence about this post. Hubster and I recently bought a farm. And I use the term farm loosely, because it was just bare crop land when we bought it and we built everything that is now here, making it a farm. Including, but not limited to a total of 5,000 feet of fencing to keep our sheep and other critters from gettin’ loose and running a muck like Christmas shoppers on Black Friday. How does one go about putting in 5,000 feet of fence you might ask? I’m not sure, if and when I ever discover a good method, I’ll let you know. So far it’s just been a lot of long weekends and late nights of just ridiculously hard work, over and over again, without any discernible progress being made. Every time we think we are done, there’s a step we still have to finish. I took a photo of me hugging a post, intent on making a cutesy “I love this post” meme. But honestly, I’m so tired from putting the fence in, that I just can’t do it. I also feel like it would be a fib. Because I don’t love that post, nor do I love any of the other 349 some odd posts that we drove this past winter.


We have driven posts in cold weather, in snowy weather, in rainy weather, in hot weather. Oh, I felt like green eggs and ham just then….I do not like posts in the rain, I do not like them, they are a pain. So much in fact, I’d rather not do them again. Then after the posts are all driven in, we stretch the fence so it’s nice and tight. Then comes the hammering. This is the kind of work that makes you need a shoulder replacement after you’re all done. Each post needed between 6 and 12 staples to keep the wire securely attached. Thats…..350ish times 6 to 12ish, cross multiply, carry the 5…..equals…..a lot of flippin’ staples. So if anyone wants to know why Quasimoto has a giant hump on his back, it’s because he was probably putting in a lot of fence in his youth.


Maybe this is a good time to mention how much help Hubster and I actually had in order to take on this massive project. Both our parents stepped up big time, my pal Amy’s daughters provided much needed babysitters, Hubster’s siblings helped when they could. But the most selfless slave laborer was undoubtedly my best good friend “T”. She worked harder than anyone else to help us get this fence up. Even the rain did not deter her. For all of them I will be truly grateful and not completely able to fully repay. So thanks guys! You are all the bomb dot com.


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