Farmhouse! Homeschool?

We are entering a new season in our house. The season of schooling. Hard choices abound. For most people there are 3 main options.  Send your child to public schools, private schools, and homeschooling. They all have pros and cons.  We can’t afford private school, even if I work more than I do now, and I have some serious issues with our current public school system. (PAUSE to say that I have ZERO issues with all the fabulous, sacrificing teachers in our public school system… all are amazing…..seriously, I don’t know how you put up with all the C*@P that you do – my issue is with the box that you are stuffed into) And so for us, in this season, homeschooling makes the most sense. I am home most days anyway with our younger two, and additionally, we are fairly sure that our first has some learning differences.

I am terrified that he will be labeled the bad kid, or the loud kid. He gravitates towards those kids with the worst behavior and copies them. Is that just my kid? Does your kid do that? He is also incredibly bright, and I’m worried that his learning differences will be ignored because he’s able to compensate well and he won’t fall behind.

I was told by teachers that “it’s no problem if they aren’t falling behind, we don’t worry until they are falling behind the class!”. As if this would make me feel better about that. Except that I don’t feel better, in fact, I have a huge problem with that. How many kids are not reaching their full potential in life because they just “aren’t falling behind”? What if his potential is to be a grade ahead, two grades ahead? Even if his potential is to be a grade behind, his individual learning needs will still be placed to the side for the benefit of the group as a whole. I reject this. I know we are capable of much more as a society, and until there is a better solution in our public schools, I will take control of our children’s education.

So….stay tuned for some homeschool adventures!! I have NO IDEA what I am doing…so let’s learn together!! Got any burning homeschooling questions? Post them below!!!

2 Comments on “Farmhouse! Homeschool?

  1. One of the problems with classroom schooling, especially in public schools, is that teachers cannot tailor their teaching to the way individual children learn. Thus children are forced to attempt to learn via the system’s teaching style. If a child’s personal learning style is very different from the teaching style, both student and teacher will be frustrated and stymied. For instance, my son has an auditory memory short circuit. He cannot learn from a lecture only presentation – the info presented really does go in one ear and out the other, with no stopping in between. When I finally got teachers to understand this and to let him “doodle” while they talked instead of sending him to the principal for “doodling when he should be listening”, it made a huge difference. His scribblings didn’t make any sense to the rest of the world, but his retention went waaay up! He needed tactile and visual input to lock the audible input in.


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