Homeschool year wrap-up

It’s May, and our homeschool year is coming to an end….or is it? Our family has decided to keep working on reading and math this summer. School doesn’t take up that much of our day (about 2 hours) and the boys have plenty of time to play outside! They help us with farm chores, and we go on outings, just like all other summer families. My oldest is even attending a summer STEM camp this year!!

My middle in anxious to start school like his brother and I need to get him more familiar with his letters. We will be joining a co-op in the fall, and he will be in the combined Kindergarten/Pre-K class, where most students already know their letters. I am planning a bunch of letter games, combined with All About Reading’s Pre-Reading Curriculum.

And we are placing particular focus on intentional habit training and life skills. We have been working on a lot of Charlotte Mason’s habits here and there as part of raising future responsible adults. But this summer, we hope to put some real emphasis on habits of attention, cleanliness, and concentration. We are using “Laying Down the Rails” by Simply Charlotte Mason to guide our habit training.

focus and concentration are needed when cooking scrambled eggs on the hot stove!

I’m also planning some very light Montessori work for my youngest this summer. This summer we are looking forward to the fourth of July and our county’s Agricultural fair in August!

In other news, we have 0/4 front baby teeth left. It’s making me pretty nostalgic for his little baby voice and face.

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