We’ve been in our house just shy of a year now, and we have had a really hard time growing grass directly behind our house. It gets a lot of foot traffic and the kids play in the dirt there. I have been wanting to do something about it for ages.  This past winter, we bought 500 sq. ft. of brick pavers in a big sale. The store has a big sale each year where they sell off all of the extras from other large projects at a big discount.  I didn’t care if all of the bricks matched because I wanted the patio to look old and weathered.  We also had a big load of stone dust delivered for a base. We rented the tamper and paver saw from a local tool rental place for two days.

A friend of mine’s husband is a structural engineer and was able to help us level the site. we used 1″ PVC pipes at regular intervals to keep the depth of the stone dust even. We tamped down the first layer, and then did it again.  With two inches of level stone dust, we started to lay bricks. We were just initially just laying them down, but soon realized that was not going to be very even and would leave us with a lot of strange, uneven cuts at the end.  So we then used a piece of twine line to stay more straight from then on.

Not too shabby for one weekends work. Next weekend we plan to add the sand in-between the bricks and plant some grass seed where we tore up the ground.

We also used our leftover bricks to make some sweet mini-pads by the front steps of the front porch, and the side hose bib.


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