Getting Cleaned Up

This is a farm friends, and the work is literally never done here. We’ve been here for a year and we’ve been so busy with big projects that there is a lot of little things that have fallen through the cracks lately. We are taken the next few weeks to get a little cleaned up around here. Ted and I are on skid loader duty:


And Hubster, Jackson, and T are cleaning up the brush pile, getting it ready to burn later this fall. (you need a burn permit in our district for this, obtained from the county health and human services department)


We are also working on building a small run-in shed on skids to use for extra shelter this winter. We are using extra materials from our large shed. It’s both practical and pretty since it’s saving us money, and it also matches our shed.  Mmm oh I love things like that.  I SAVE money, AND it looks pretty!?!?!


And then, just for fun, here’s a picture of Jerry, our kitten, deciding if it’s worth it to jump in the tub with the boys and get wet, but get to play with the fun toys in there.


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