I’ve made jam many times before, but I’ve never actually made applesauce before….I know, I know, that is crazy!  I went apple picking with friends at a local orchard. I had all these beautiful apples and I knew we wouldn’t eat them all before they went bad, so I decided to take the not so scary plunge from jams to applesauce. The internet is a blur of different choices. Different recipes and techniques are abundent.


I settled on a recipe for applesauce in a crock pot.  I love my crock pot!!  I’ve had it for 7 years and it hasn’t let me down yet!  So I peeled/cored with my trusty apple peeler/corer and then I set the crock pot and walked away. Later that day I canned it and now I have four beautiful jars of homemade applesauce! It was so nice to not have all the work to do all at once or stand in front of a stove cooking apples all day.  I HIGHLY recommend making applesauce with this method.  I could even have let the apples cook longer and ended up with apple butter! Don’t be afraid to try new things friends!  It leads to beautiful, delicious results.

I’ve had my apple peeler for years, but I want to upgrade to one of these bad boys! UPDATE: Hubster bought me one for my birthday and it got quite the test run making pies for the holidays and I have to say I LOVE IT!!


Here’s my favorite canning equipment, I always use Ball Mason jars and rings that I use and reuse, but I always use new lids.

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